Multiverse setting

There is a nearly infinite variety of worlds, each distinct and separate from all of the others. Some people, however, are not content to explore just one of them. These Wanderers have abandoned their own worlds and made a new home in the space between; a sprawling city of unmatched diversity and potential. Here, the old order no longer applies and the very laws of reality are up for negotiation. As small-timers stuck at the bottom of the heap, can you carve out a place for yourselves or will you get lost in the shuffle?

Core Concepts:

  • The City—a society unto itself full of people from every sort of world
  • Mutable reality—actions can alter fundamental rules of the world
  • Building a name—reputations and recognition are the true measures of success
  • Infinite Worlds—there is no over-arching technology or magic standard; just about anything can be found

The system will be FATE

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FATE: Wanderers of the Multiverse